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Chris Fritsch

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P. 404.249.9914

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Chris is in Las Vegas, NV
and has traveled 947,043 mi to 129 locations
Las Vegas, NV Dec 21 – 24, 2019
Miami, FL Jan 22 – 24, 2020

As a CLIENT Success Consultant, Chris Fritsch works together with leading professional services firms across the country to help support their CRM and Client Intelligence efforts and maximize their return on investment.

Research suggests that over 70% of CRM implementations may fail to meet expectations – but they don’t have to. Chris’s focus is to help firms succeed by choosing the right CRM solution for their specific needs and implementing it in a way that provides individualized value to the professionals, assistants, marketing professionals and business developers.

Chris was inducted as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management in 2017, in recognition of her exemplary professional standards and achievements as a law firm consultant. A recognized authority on marketing and business development technologies, Chris was named among the top 10 Marketing and Business Development thought leaders in the JD Supra 2018 Readers Choice Awards. She writes and speaks nationally on topics including client relationship management (CRM), competitive intelligence, business development, relationship intelligence, eMarketing and the use of technology to enhance profitability.

In her former role as a Client Development Technology Consultant, Chris advised top firms across the country on the role of technology in business development and assisted them in selecting the right technology to support their business development efforts.

In her former role as a Legal Technologist, she advised top law firms and professionals about competitive intelligence and innovative uses of Internet technology.

Chris has also worked in-house as a Legal Technologist for an Am Law 50 law firm based in Atlanta and as a Technology Consultant and Webmaster for Emory Law School. She was also the Managing Partner of a consulting firm specializing in providing technology solutions for attorneys.

Chris received her law degree from Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, GA, where she served as Managing Editor of the Emory International Law Review, as well as student and faculty technology consultant.

Chris is based in Atlanta, Georgia when she is not traveling across North America to meet with clients.

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Getting Engaged: Enticing Lawyers to Commit to Marketing Technology – Part 2

Posted by on Category CRM Marketing Technology
The Perfect Partner/Provider The beauty of technology is that it can do so many things. The problem with technology is… it can do so many things. But for technology to succeed, it has to satisfy a need. So, it can be a mistake to fall for any type of technology too quickly.  Frequently, firms get infatuated with the latest and greatest software without fully investigating other options, or more importantly, really understanding their unique requirements. Because each firm is unique, technology selection should start with a needs assessment. Interviews should be conducted with key stakeholders to determine how the technology can really help them. It’s important to focus on people, processes and

The Data Quality Domino Effect

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The Data Quality Dilemma Download PDF Marketing and business development professionals spend a great deal of time carefully lining up plans to effectively communicate with key contacts. Like dominoes, we align our messages and target our audiences to achieve critical objectives. Each communication… each invitation… each interaction carefully placed to reach the desired result. But one thing can cause even the most effective marketing strategy to topple: bad data. Without clean, correct and complete data, our messages can fall flat, our interactions become ineffective and our results erode. Big Bad Data These days, we keep hearing a lot of buzz about big data, but what we really need isn\'t more data –

Incentives to Inspire CRM Success

Posted by on Category Articles
Research by respected industry organizations indicates that up to 70% of all CRM implementations may fail to meet expectations, which can result in a significant loss of time, resources and credibility. The good news is CRM Success is possible! One of the primary keys to CRM Success is maintaining motivation – and a good way to inspire this level of motivation is to provide incentives to let your team and end users know that their participation and hard work are not only essential, they will also appreciated – and rewarded. To create and maintain motivation, various incentives should be a key element in your CRM planning and budgeting. Gifts and giveaways reward
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