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Achieving CRM Success – What Else Can It Do?


As firms have grown, the level of sophistication of their approaches to business development has been growing as well. More than ever, firms of all sizes are experimenting with things like business development coaching or training, Client teams, alumni programs, Client interviews or Client service initiatives. What is common – and essential – to all of these initiatives is the need for communication and collaboration. CRM was designed to enable this type of communication and collaboration and it can be an excellent – even essential – tool for succeeding with these types of initiatives.

CRM systems allow users to share information and notes about Clients and prospects, add marketing and business development activities to records, enhance contacts with business or competitive intelligence, monitor or watch changes to selected contacts, attach relevant documents and even track opportunities. 

As firms continue to grow more sophisticated in their approaches to business development, some of the core and even more advanced or innovative features of CRM systems are now moving from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’ functionality. 

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