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CRM Summer School: A Creative Way to Refresh Your Law Firm’s CRM Data This Summer


The summer season often provides a much-needed lull in the hectic pace of legal work. With fewer clients on vacation and some employees taking time off, it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter and refresh your firm’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data. Here are some creative ideas to get your CRM database in top shape (while you have some extra downtime):

  1. Summer Cleaning Challenge: Make it a game! Assign points to different tasks such as ‘merge duplicate contacts’ or ‘update outdated information’. The team member with the most points at the end of the month gets a reward.
  2. Delegate and Specialize: Assign specific data cleaning tasks to individuals based on their strengths. Perhaps one person is excellent at spotting outdated emails, while another has a knack for categorizing contacts.
  3. Client Feedback: Use the quieter summer months to reach out to clients. Request feedback and simultaneously verify their contact details. A simple survey can be an effective tool for this.
  4. Tag Team Strategy: Pair up team members to review sections of the CRM together. Two pairs of eyes are better than one, and this approach can often catch errors one person might overlook.
  5. Segmentation Summer: This summer, focus on segmenting your contacts. Proper categorization can enhance your marketing campaigns, making them more targeted and effective.
  6. Implement a “CRM Day”: Dedicate one day where the whole firm focuses on updating and refining the CRM. Order in lunch, play some summer tunes, and make it a fun, collective effort.
  7. Training Sessions: If there are new features in your CRM software, summer is a great time for training sessions. Ensure everyone knows how to use the platform to its full potential.
  8. Visual Verification: Incorporate visual elements like profile pictures. This not only humanizes your contacts but helps to identify duplicates or misfiled data.
  9. Archiving Past Cases: Instead of letting old cases clutter your system, archive them. This ensures your active cases are easily accessible while preserving the history for reference.
  10. Automation Tools: Explore tools that can automatically clean your data. For instance, some CRMs offer features that recognize and merge duplicates.
  11. Reward Reporting: Encourage team members to report inconsistencies or errors they find. A small reward system can motivate everyone to be vigilant about maintaining the CRM’s integrity.
  12. External Expertise: Consider hiring a CRM consultant or a data cleaning service specialized in law firms. Their expert eye can pinpoint areas of improvement and streamline your database.

Remember, a clean CRM is not just about organization. It ensures that your communication with clients is timely, relevant and personal. By taking the time during the summer to refine and update, your law firm will be in a prime position to serve your clients effectively and efficiently come fall.

For more about what you can do this summer to enhance your CRM, read our article about summer CRM adoption tactics.

Reach out to Chris Fritsch to find out how CLIENTSFirst Consulting can help with your CRM needs. 

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