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Video: Improving Your Data Management Practices


Without good data, a vast majority of your technology implementations will fail

Many organizations have lots of disconnected data and are drowning in vast amounts of data coming in from various technology systems.

In the past, data would degrade at an annual rate of 30% without ongoing attention.

Now that number is closer to 50%. And some organizations haven’t touched their data since before COVID.

You do not want to get behind on your bad data. Once you stop, your problems become compounded and worsen.

Once you clean your data, you have to keep up with it in order to recognize a return on your investment in software and in your data because it takes a lot of work to get from dirty data to clean and healthy data.

Data can come in through various software applications like your ERM, email marketing system, your CRM. And this data can be disconnected, leading to poor decisions and missing out on business development opportunities.

Here Chris Fritsch explains different ways you can improve your firm’s data management practices.

Reach out to Chris to learn how CLIENTSFirst Consulting can help your organization better manage its data.

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