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Welcome to Fantasy CRM

After the purchase and implementation of a CRM system, we sometimes hear buyers or users say that they feel like they spent a lot of money and they aren’t getting the return on their investment. In many cases, this is because their CRM expectations were wrong when they selected their system. What they thought they were buying was something I like to call ‘Magic CRM.’

Here is how Magic CRM works:  Immediately after purchasing Magic CRM for a very low price and with a money back guarantee, it is installed effortlessly in a matter of a few weeks with no technology issues whatsoever. It is enthusiastically received by all end users, who require no  training or commitment of time and who welcome the opportunity to share information. 

Data flows effortlessly into Magic CRM quickly and is cleaned automatically without the need for data quality staffing. The result is a comprehensive collection of complete and correct contact information for all clients and contacts (CRM alliteration is fun, yes?). Additionally, mailing lists created in Magic CRM are clean, comprehensive and free of errors and duplicates, and they are created, maintained and updated automatically without the need to bother the busy end users.

All the professionals in the firm, of course, use Magic CRM to collaborate, share information and work together in harmony. They religiously track all marketing and business development activities and expenses. They benefit from enhanced information about each contact’s business and industry which is delivered to their fingertips with no additional cost or effort. And most importantly, after installing Magic CRM, scores of Clients suddenly abandon long-standing relationships with competitors and race to the firm’s front door with their money because of the superlative service and value that the firm provides as a result. Welcome to Fantasy CRM. 

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