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12 Days of CRM: Day 11 – The Struggle of Legal Marketers in the Modern Era


On the 11th day of CRM Chris “Kringle” Fritsch informed me of the struggle of legal marketers in the modern era!

As law firms transition to a digital-first strategy, some legal marketers are struggling to define their role in client acquisition and development. 

For too long, marketers have been blasting messages and communication to the public with no real idea of how effective they are or how many leads they are providing for attorneys and the firm. However, this is changing as law firms rely more on marketing technology and data to make actionable decisions. 

Legal marketers are finding new ways to utilize the firm’s technology infrastructure to report on various analytics. This may include ROI analysis to justify spending on sponsoring events or bringing a client to a sports game, or by simply tracking basic analytics from eMarketing systems like open rates, clickthrough rates and bounce rates.

Tracking can provide valuable data and actionable insights into what is attracting leads and what is not. But without clean, correct and up-to-date data on their contacts and prospects, legal marketers can’t effectively communicate, send email campaigns and event invitations or effectively target or segment their contact lists. This can make it extremely difficult to perform analysis on campaigns and estimate the return on investment the firm receives from their efforts. It also inhibits their ability to identify prospects worth pursuing and share them with the business developers.

Watch as Chris Fritsch explains how legal marketers can struggle to justify their roles within client success and how they are utilizing various features of their marketing technology stack to support their initiatives:

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