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Eight Reasons Why You Should Attend Chris Fritsch and Stefanie Marrone’s Webinar for Small & Mid-Size Law Firms


On Thursday, July 13, Chris Fritsch and Stefanie Marrone will be hosting a webinar on effective marketing strategies for small, boutique and mid-sized firms. If you haven’t registered yet, here are eight reasons you should join them.

  1. With their extensive knowledge and experience, Chris and Stefanie will provide valuable insights and practical strategies you can implement immediately at your small, boutique or mid-size law firm.
  2. Chris and Stefanie will provide practical advice and actionable strategies to help elevate your firm’s visibility, reach, and ultimately, your bottom line.
  3. Chris and Stefanie will delve into a wide range of topics that address the unique marketing opportunities and challenges faced by small- and mid-sized law firms.
  4. Attendees will leave the webinar with actionable takeaways they can implement in their day-to-day work.
  5. Attendees will learn where to invest in marketing technology initiatives, how to use AI to streamline processes, and manage CRM, content marketing and data with a small team and limited resources.
  6. Attendees will learn how to do more with less – fewer resources and a limited budget.
  7. Expand your network, exchange ideas and build relationships with fellow attendees.
  8. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive Q&A session with Chris and Stefanie.

Join us on July 13 for our last free webinar of the summer!

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