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Investing in Success: The Strategic Benefits of Outsourced CRM Staff and Data Stewards


Successfully implementing, configuring and maintaining a robust CRM system and its data quality requires more than technology. It demands the right expertise and resources to oversee the CRM project – from the initial stages to firm-wide roll out – and ensure the data is clean, correct and up to date.

However, hiring and retaining staff for these rolls can be a significant expense, depending on the size of your firm you can expect to pay anywhere between $66k – $400k+ just on salary and benefits alone. These large costs can undermine the ROI for any CRM or data quality project.

Thankfully, outsourcing these critical functions can provide firms with substantial cost-savings ranging between $27k – $130k while ensuring that CRM projects are executed efficiently and data quality is meticulously maintained. 

While the concept of outsourcing is not new in the legal world, more and more firms are strategically leveraging highly skilled outsourced CRM Project Managers, and Data Stewards with years of experience to work with their teams to achieve exceptional operational efficiency.

In this blog, we will cover some of the strategic advantages and benefits of outsourcing CRM Managerial and Data Quality Cleaning positions and the significant cost savings it can provide your firm.

Outsourced CRM Managers

In addition to significant cost savings, outsourcing CRM Project Managers or administrative positions can offer firms considerable value and benefits like the ability to navigate the complexities of CRM technology while focusing on core legal competencies and driving business growth. Outsourced CRM Managers adapt to evolving business needs and can manage additional projects as defined by the organization without compromising their ability to handle routine CRM tasks. 

Law firms can bring on outsourced CRM Managers on a full, part-time or as-needed basis. This flexibility can enable firms to scale resources efficiently without the overhead costs of maintaining full-time staff during fluctuating workloads. With as-needed CRM staffing, attorneys and staff can concentrate on value-added tasks while leveraging external expertise for CRM optimization.

Outsourced eMarketing Staffing

eMarketing systems can be very intricate and complex, requiring years of hands-on experience dealing with the many people and process issues that are tied to success. Outsourced eMarketing professionals grants firms access to seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience and strategic insights to enhance digital marketing efforts and campaign performance.

Outsourced eMarketers can help your firm develop a comprehensive eMarketing strategy tailored to your firm’s objectives and can oversee end-to-end campaign management. To ensure your marketing campaigns are reaching the right people and running effectively, eMarketing professionals can create and manage send lists, handle email distribution and responses, and utilize analytics to drive optimization, maximize engagement and ROI. They can also keep your firm up to date on industry regulations and best practices, maintaining high-quality standards in content delivery and client communications.

Data Stewards

A strategic partnership between a law firm and Outsourced Data Stewards can empower law firms to redirect internal resources towards more strategic initiatives and to support business growth initiatives. Outsourced Data Stewards have many years of industry-specific expertise allowing them to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, and can quickly align themselves with the firm’s data management policies and procedures. Their systematic approach includes thorough reviews of contact records, resolving inconsistencies, completing missing information, and implementing continuous monitoring to maintain data quality standards.

Data Quality Professionals engage in collaborative communication with stakeholders and data owners, addressing any issues promptly and maintain open lines of communication for efficient data management and informed decision-making. These open channels of communication foster a sense of transparency between the outsourced service provider and the firm, and can help align the Data Stewards goals with organizational goals.

Outsourcing critical CRM Managerial and Data Steward positions offers law firms a strategic advantage in successfully implementing and maintaining robust CRM systems with impeccable data quality. The expertise and resources required for overseeing CRM projects and ensuring data integrity are not only demanding but can also incur significant costs, potentially undermining the return on investment for such initiatives. However, outsourcing these functions can yield substantial cost savings, ranging from $27k to $130k or more, while guaranteeing efficient CRM project execution and meticulous data maintenance.

The benefits of outsourcing extend beyond cost savings. By engaging Outsourced Service Providers, law firms gain access to scalable and adaptable expertise that can navigate the complexities of CRM technology. These professionals seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, align with data management policies and collaborate with stakeholders to resolve data inconsistencies promptly. This not only allows attorneys and professionals to focus on client service and other strategic initiatives, but ensures your firm’s CRM and other marketing initiatives are executed effectively. 

If you are considering outsourcing Marketing Technology Positions or Data Quality positions and are unsure if it is right for your firm, please reach out to CLIENTSFirst for a complimentary assessment at 404-249-9914 or For almost 20 years, the team at CLIENTSFirst Consulting has been helping professional services firms and other organizations staff marketing technology and data quality positions on a full or part-time basis. If you need help achieving CRM Success, please contact us at 404-249-9914 or

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