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12 Days of CRM: Day 2 – The Origins of Bad Data


On the second day of CRM Chris Kringle Fritsch told me, the origins of bad data!

With more than 20 years of CRM consulting experience, all of Chris Fritsch’s clients have at one time or another experienced problems with data quality. There is nothing you can’t do with good data, but everyone has a problem with their data. So where is all this bad data coming from?

Problems can arise from having too little data, too much data or disorganized data whether it’s in spreadsheets, separate databases, in people’s heads, or in Outlook. And if it’s in Outlook it’s more than likely outdated, incorrect or incomplete. These siloed records cause a myriad of data quality challenges that can affect communication data, list data and all the other places in which your data lives.

Email bounces are a great and quick tool that shows an overview of your list and data health. Some firms leave these bounced contacts on the list or simply remove them. Without properly reviewing and updating these contacts, firms miss out on valuable engagement points with their audience.

Other sources of bad data can come from orphaned or unassociated contacts. These contacts are “orphaned” because their original contact owner may have changed jobs or relocated. Neglecting orphaned records causes firms to miss out on fostering once-important relationships and business development opportunities.

Watch as Chris Fritsch explains the origins of bad data and various methods you can use to avoid these mistakes and prevent bad data from occurring in the future.

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